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A variety of services and products are available now or planned for later this year.

"How To"
Booklet -
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The first thing available will be a booklet called:


"The McCreary Mount - How to Build

The Most Accurate Tracking Platform

for the Lowest Possible Cost".


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Information and Advice

We Want To Help You Build The Best Mount Possible


If you are seriously interested in building a McCreary Mount from scratch, please contact us now to discuss your plans. We may be able to offer certain tips and advice at no charge to get you moving in the right direction.


Let Us Talk to Your Club


We would be delighted to come and talk to your group or your astronomy club. Please contact us for scheduling.

Consulting Services

Consulting service to assist in the detailed design and construction of custom McCreary Mounts is immediately available to individuals and observatories. Please contact us here for details.


In some cases, the McCreary Mount (and useful subsets of the engineering design concepts) can be retrofitted to existing observatories and instruments.


In almost all cases, new observatories will receive the greatest benefit from employing a McCreary Mount, both in terms of ultimate tracking smoothness and accuracy, and also in the benefit of construction cost savings.


For example, the EM-3500 Takahashi mount capable of supporting a 350 pound instrument package currently sells for $99,000. We estimate the cost of a custom-designed McCreary Mount of equivalent capacity, including consulting fees, materials, and construction, to be substantially less than one third of that cost.


Production Designs In The Works


We are seriously considering manufacturing a few of the myriad possible variations of the McCreary Mount and offering them for sale. Please look over the following, and send us an email indicating your possible level of interest.


Remember, it's your feedback and support that will ultimately determine what we will be able to provide!


The "Standard" for Dobs


This will be a mount intended to be adaptable for supporting the rocker boxes of Dobsonian-type telescopes up to perhaps 17" aperture.


Send us dimensional details of your rocker box today to help insure that production of "The Standard" version (initial production run for Dobsonian-type telescopes) McCreary Mount will meet your needs!


Tube Assembly Mounts


We hope later to offer a McCreary Mount suited for the most common Mead and Celestron tube assemblys. Please submit your requirements with respect to other types of instruments for consideration in our plans.


For late-breaking information, visit the blog page.


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Tips and Advice

In our "How-To" Booklet and by email




Observatory Mounts

Personal Mounts



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