Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: What are the essential elements of the McCreary Mount that differentiate it from other equatorial mounts?


A: Two literal point-bearings, a platform that deliberately shuns "balance", and gravity powered incompressible fluid motion control. Please see a far more detailed answer here.


Q: What is the best application for a McCreary Mount?


A: Longer exposure astrophotography. It certainly will work well for short exposures, but it will shine when doing exposures longer than the typical periodic error cycle of other mounts.


Q: Is the McCreary Mount capable of "GoTo" pointing?


A: The mount is an equatorial platform, not a pointing system. The way I would envision "GoTo" pointing being done in conjunction with a McCreary Mount is to have a standard GoTo mechanism associated with your telescope, then to initialize it when the mount is in the "reset" (i.e. fully elevated eastward) position. Then when you wish to slew to a new object, reset the mount, use the GoTo to find your object, and then start tracking again.


Q: What about use in colder climates?


A: Water of course is susceptible to freezing. However, a 50/50 mixture of water and glycerine (which is even less compressible than water) is suitable for use down to below zero farenheit.


Q: Is the drive mechanism repeatable?


A: This is a matter of detailed engineering; ultimately, the best solution will be to have "ballpark" calibration and then to do closed-loop feedback in order to "hone in" on the precise rate while compensating for all lesser variables, such as temperature, barometric pressure, and refraction.

Some photos taken with the McCreary Mount:


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