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How did you hear about the McCreary Mount?


What kind of telescope do you use?


What kind of mount do you presently use?


Do you use your equipment for astrophotography? Would you if you had an excellent equatorial mount?


What tests (if any) have you performed to evaluate the characteristics of your mount with respect to tracking accuracy and periodic error?


If your telescope and/or mount are homebuilt, what are the dimensions of the present mount attachment, and how much does your telescope or instrument package weigh?


Are you interested in building your own McCreary Mount?


If so, would any of the following be helpful:

- Detailed plans

- "How-To" booklets or manuals

- "Hotline" construction advice

- User forums

- Newsletter or blog

- Other?


Do you work with or plan for an observatory that might benefit from the McCreary Mount?


Would you consider purchasing a suitable McCreary Mount if one were available for your telescope?


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By expressing your interest in the McCreary Mount and sharing your experiences when building or using one of your own, you will help the worldwide advancement of the science and art of astrophotography.